This is a 2 Player game where cooperation is key to making it to the goal without having the bullets kill player one.

Player 1's controls:

  • Left and Right on the arrow keys move the character left and right respectively while the up key makes the character jump

Player 2's controls:

  • Uses the mouse to move the cursor to spawn platforms.
  • The left mouse click spawns a horizontal platform while the middle mouse wheel spawns vertical platforms. The right mouse button clears any spawned platforms
  • P2 can have 2 of each type of platform out at a time for a total of 4 platforms

Player 1 is trapped in the hood and he is trying to escape while dodging different rapper's mixtapes. Player 2 must use his platforms to create extra footing for Player 1 and block the mixtapes from hitting him.

What's different from the previous version, Blocky Platformer V2:

  • New Title
  • Player 1 has shield mechanic that will activate when the Space key is pressed. It lasts for 2 seconds and has a cooldown of 2 seconds.
  • While the shield is up, it will protect Player 1 from one mixtape
  • Platforms and turrets now have a different appearence.